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me kate. me throw rock.

what, you smell blood on the wind?

Me Kate. Me throw rock.
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me kate.
this journal is friends only. comment on a public entry if you're adding me, or i won't notice.

this journal is a mix of the intensely personal and the trivially fannish and all things in between. i have kids. sometimes i talk about them. i have kids who are no longer living. sometimes i talk about them. i have numerous fandoms. sometimes i talk about them, in the form of squeeing and ranting and everything in between. i don't think my fandoms are perfect or even all that great sometimes.

if any of the above bothers you, get the fuck off my journal. i won't be a bitch if you aren't. in fact, we'll get along famously!
me throw rock.
if you're looking for...
my screencaps, you can find them at mashcaps.
my fanfiction, you can find it at aboutbunnies.
my icons/graphics, you can find them at iconillusion.

i run...
4077th_watch, a community for watching through the entire series of M*A*S*H.
emilystills, an Emily Deschanel stillness icontest.
s0ups_on, a community for soup recipes.
weekly_eats, a chronicle of my cook-one-new-recipe-per-week 2011 New Year's resolution
wholetruth_abc, a community for fans of ABC's The Whole Truth.
what, you smell blood on the wind?
my dislikes:

adam sandler, american football, bananas, boy bands, britney spears, chicago white sox, colorado avalanche, comcast cable company, comma misuse, drunks, educational bureaucracy, fad books, fanfiction dot net, fans who think their shows can do no wrong, fox news, george bush (both versions), good shows that go on long hiatuses, insomnia, internet explorer, jack shephard, john carter, livejournal drama, lubby fangirls, most cats, nascar, nazi mamas, netspeak, obsessive texters, peanut butter, people who read over my shoulder, people who take fandom wank personally, people who talk during movies, poor grammar, premature baby storylines on television, reality tv, real person 'shipping/fanfiction, slang terms for human reproductive organs, slow drivers in the left lane, spiders, st. louis cardinals, talking on the phone, the necessity of shoes, the new er theme music, the word 'retarded,' vacuuming, vague deadlines, wal-mart, weak coffee, winter in michigan

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